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Wise OT Solutions – Mobile occupational therapy and case management services for severely injured people with insurance claims

Wise OT Solutions bridges the gap between the injured person, community OT and insurance.

We provide complex case management and assessments, occupational therapy, education and outreach to insurers. Let us help you simplify the process and streamline your severe injury insurance claims.

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Severe injury cases are complex and time consuming.

You’re dealing with competing priorities, coordinating multiple providers, high case numbers and your own KPI’s while trying to focus on finding the most cost effective solutions within timeframes and legislation. If it feels like the finish line is a never ending pursuit, you can rely on Wise OT Solutions to help you close the gap. How?

We work with you to prioritise cases based on urgency and create a plan with actionable goals and timeframes. You’ll be impressed with our detailed, clinician reviewed reports and consistent communication. Get ready to know exactly how your injured person is progressing, without the communication barriers in between.

We genuinely believe - we’re better when we work together!

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Our Occupational Therapists are known for managing the most complex injuries and social situations

Severe injuries affect the person and their family in many ways. Physical and cognitive challenges are just the tip of the iceberg. The simple things in life are ripped away and often, initial goals are not about returning to work. They’re about getting dressed, making a meal or driving a car.

The social aspect of losing a job, financially supporting a family, secondary addiction, mental ill health and navigating an insurance claim all at once can seem insurmountable – for the funding body and the injured person. 

If you need an experienced occupational therapist or external case manager with a specialised skill set  to take care of all the above for you

We could be your perfect match.

Why choose Wise OT Solutions?

And, we will keep you in the loop, every step of the way!

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