New Year, new us at Wise OT Solutions

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We are all a few weeks into the ‘new normal’ now after making some significant adjustments to our work and personal lives. It’s been lovely getting to know you all as Mums, Dads and partners whilst working from home, feeding your fur babies and home schooling your kids during our phone calls!! Our worlds have collided. It hasn’t been easy: juggling the mesh of life roles, seeing others lose their jobs, feeling new financial pressures and seeing our vulnerable clients who are already socially isolated, strictly isolating due to the risk of infection. 

BUT.. we have decided it’s time to move on from ‘Corona Brain’ and begin with the ‘New Normal’. New routines, new ways of working, new spaces and new roles. There is only so much news you can take in without feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. My brain had become cloudy, processing new information, adapting our processes and procedures, ensuring the safety of our team and clients and living in a state of ‘fight or flight’ due to the uncertainty of our world. I’m sure you can all relate! 

In moving forward, we found our creative brain again and are offering some new services we want you to know about: 

Isolation check-up 

  • Is your client set up to access Telehealth services at home?  
  • Do they need any further equipment/internet access to allow therapy to continue?  
  • Are their carers and family familiar with the use of Telehealth if they need assistance?
  • Have their MyPlan/Rehab goals been revised to adjust to our new way of living?  
  • Are they at risk of developing symptoms of anxiety or depression with further isolation?  
  • Would they benefit from regular phone calls or video conferencing to ensure they maintain some social contact and that their mental health is ok?

Our OT’s can develop an individual client strategy to ensure your people are well supported during this difficult time, including linking them with other suitable Telehealth providers and outreach community services.

Rapid Response Discharge Service

  • We are aware that inpatient health services in NSW are significantly strained at present and patients are being asked to go home sooner than a ‘normal’ length of stay would be for their injury.
  • This will impact anyone having inpatient rehabilitation following a significant injury.
  • We are able to provide a rapid response service case management/OT service to ensure all care, equipment, modifications and medication are in place for when that person goes home.  
  • Our team are still completing face to face visits with appropriate precautions as we know that Telehealth is not appropriate for everyone.

If you need support or guidance on how best to help your clients – please give us a call, we’re happy to help over the phone. You can call us on 1800 9473 68 or send through details here on our website: 

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Nikki Fogden-Moore; AKA The Mojo Maker is the go to for all things ‘work-life’ blend and is always a spark of vitality when you need her the most! A trusted advisor over the years, she once pulled me out of a working from home funk, which i’ll forever be grateful for. Read Nikki’s latest tips on “Being healthy at home” and my most favourite 1% rule!! 

Meet Lisa Bidgood; OT & Case Manager at Wise OT Solutions! Lisa has just celebrated her 2 year anniversary and Wise OT and is such a valued member of our team with over 15 years experience as an OT, working Monday, Tuesday & Thursday with us. Lisa is incredibly talented, having just finished her research Masters. and on her other days she is an adapted yoga teacher. Check out Lisa’s new ‘Healthyself’ online program for clients with brain and spinal injuries. 

Our team are all Occupational Therapists with extensive severe injury experience in workers care,  LTCS and IFNSW. We are all icare approved Case Managers. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 1800 WISE OT (1800 9473 68)

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