Looking for an occupational therapist or case manager to provide treatment or rehabilitation to severely injured clients at home?

We cover all areas of NSW and SA and travel interstate by request,


We collaborate with insurers, clients and treating professionals to gain the best outcomes within the legislation. Our team members are qualified and experienced in complex case management with years of expertise across inpatient brain injury units, acute hospital settings and in-house insurance claims manager roles. 

This means we understand exactly what we need to do to get it right for your injured workers!


(LTCS, Workers Care, ifNSW, Workers insurance)

When you work with us, we’ll support you in your case management or coordinator role by providing evidence to assist legislative decisions on all reasonable and necessary injury-related requests. We draw on our contacts to build a treating team, develop a medical management plan and coordinate case conferences and specialists reviews.

ADL Assessments

To determine the current function and provide recommendations for increasing independence or reasonable and necessary external services required.

Rehabilitation Plans

Are developed to describe specific, measurable and timely functional and return to work goals.

External Case Management

Coordination of medical and treatment goals to ensure the claim is moving forward.  The case manager will liaise with the client and funder to gather evidence to determine the reasonably necessary treatment.

Occupational Therapy Intervention

Such as functional retraining and upgrading programs, cognitive retraining, equipment prescription, home modifications, behavioural intervention for complex psychological claims to increase independence and reduce care needs.

Care Needs Assessments + FIM/CANS

To determine if the current level of attendant care is appropriate for the injured person’s functional ability.  Recommendations are made to increase independence and reduce care where possible.

Early Intervention

Assessments to determine injury-related information, prepare for hospital discharge and educate the client on the rehabilitation process.

Occupational Therapy

We can help your clients return to the best function possible through individualised occupational therapy services including:

Upper limb therapy

Cognitive rehabilitation

Community Access/ Transport training

Home Modifications

Wheelchairs and equipment

functional upgrading programs

Education & outreach training

For insurance agents on OT rehab and case management (not return to work)

We educate your team on the best use of occupational therapy and external case management to help your injured workers to be independent again and relieve the burden on you. I’ve sat in your seat before, literally. I know how hard it is to meet the demands of your injured workers and your internal KPI’s.

Our training combines years of clinical skills and working knowledge of the legislation and real client case studies and their rehab journey. You and your team will feel confident with a range of topics such as brain and spinal injury, amputation and burns. You’ll have a clear understanding of the best types of assessment and treatment for each of your clients. We’ll teach you the expectations you should have of your providers and how to make a good referral to get the reports and outcomes you need.

We are available for strategic reviews on individual claims if you’re not sure how to best approach a complex claim. We’re better together!

wise ot solutions

We’ve sat in your seat - we know what you expect from a good provider and you can rely on us.

At Wise OT Solutions our insurance foundations, working knowledge and experience mean our reasonable and necessary recommendations are spot on. When you work with us, we’ll support you to set expectations about items that can be reasonably funded. We provide you with the evidence and details to make sound decisions.