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Helping people to live their best life

We’re a team of occupational therapists driven by hustle and heart

first things first

You won’t see any over-servicing here. insurers, we’ll let you know as soon as the goals have been achieved or if there are barriers we can’t overcome and close off the file.

We provide holistic assessments and timely reports to give you the answers you need

At the point of referral, you don’t need to have the answer. You may not know what the injured worker needs to help them move forward and that’s ok. In our holistic assessment we identify any outstanding issues and recommendations. Everything is clearly documented so you have clear foundational evidence to either approve or decline any requests.

Our reports may have the answers, but we’ll turn those answers into outcomes!

We don’t send our recommendations out into the ether and close off the file. Services are put into place with a timeframe for follow up. We’re here to help implement those recommendations once approved and ensure  the client gets the outcome they need. You won’t pay for unnecessary ongoing services, treatment and care. After we tie up the loose ends and make sure there are no outstanding issues, we’ll close the case.

the Wise OT Solutions Team

We’re a team of experienced OT’s, excited to get out of bed each day and help our clients navigate their challenges post-injury, while supporting the hard working insurance professionals behind it all.

Wise OT Solutions occupational therapists are:

AHPRA registered and icare approved Case Managers

Care Needs and Dispute assessors.

FIM (functional Independence Measure) trained

CANS (Care And Needs Scale) accredited.

Our job brings us joy and Wise OT Solutions gives us the space we need to juggle life outside of work and live our lives by design. No red tape here! We strive to be better humans and are lifelong learners.

We work remotely, 100% of the time (hello home office and stretchy clothes!). You’ll catch us having a laugh together on TEAMS, enjoying good food and wine and often sharing stories of our client’s successes when we’re together.

wise ot solutions

We are committed to success and happiness. We do what we say we will do. We are generous and always take good care of our clients and customers.

We are committed to success and happiness. We do what we say we will do. We are generous and always take good care of our clients and customers.

We are determined to pursue the best outcomes. We work hard, we get it done! You won’t have to ask us twice. We are passionate about the growth and development of our people and the business.

We create WOW experiences. We pride ourselves on customer service and bridging the gap between our insurers and our patients. 

how it all started

Meet Liz Brownlee (nee Wise), Wise OT Solutions Director

If you’ve travelled before, you know it can make the world seem bigger, more exciting and give you the confidence to embrace a new challenge.

When I started occupational therapy in 1999 I didn’t plan on working in the insurance industry – but that’s where I ended up when I arrived home in 2008 from my exciting working holiday in London, where I enjoyed my role as a Senior OT in various hospital settings.

I accepted a worker’s compensation ‘case manager’ role, which sparked joy in me I’d not known before. I’d found my groove and journeyed through fast-track claims to severe injuries and soaked up all the industry knowledge I could.

While I loved the corporate environment, I missed being out and about using my clinical skills as a treating occupational therapist

I dove into some WorkCover projects and worked on specific severe injury team projects. I saw portfolio numbers for case managers reduced and wages increased to recognise the skills and experience required for the role. A win for all at stake.

I knew there was a better way for injured people, occupational therapists and insurance case managers in severe injuries - and I wanted to change the game.

It was time to go and create some magic and Wise OT Solutions was born.

Fast forward more than ten years of hard work and I’ve built a business with a team going from strength to strength.

I’m grateful to lead a team of exceptional OT’s who show professionalism, grit and tenderness that builds rapport quickly. Wise OT Solutions is a space where we help people live their best life after an accident, injury or disability.  We support our industry and funding bodies, give injured people unrivalled care and our careers help us cultivate a life we love so we never have to work a day.