meet the wise ot team

We’re a team of experienced OT’s, excited to get out of bed each day and help our clients navigate their challenges post-injury, while supporting the hard working insurance professionals behind it all.


Our job brings us joy and Wise OT Solutions gives us the space we need to juggle life outside of work and live our lives by design. No red tape here! We strive to be better humans and are lifelong learners.

We work remotely, 100% of the time (hello home office and stretchy clothes!). You’ll catch us having a laugh together on TEAMS, enjoying good food and wine and often sharing stories of our client’s successes when we’re together.

get to know our incredible wise ot team

Liz Brownlee - Director

Meet Liz >
Mum, OT, Case Manager, Dispute & Care Needs Assessor & WINNER at the 2018 Specialist Care Services iCare case awards!

Liz is passionate, honest, determined and enjoys leading a team of OT’s to help as many people as we can. She has a special interest in complex legal, gratuitous care, complaints and disputes.

She models what being driven, working hard and balancing life looks like and inspires us to do the same. Liz loves good food, spending time with her little family and celebrating the end of the week with a glass of champagne or two.

Joanne Barrett - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Joanne >
Joanne has been an OT for 12 years and loves what she does. She considered being a police officer, nurse or paramedic - but we're glad she became an OT!

Jo is the type to get in and get something done. She's organised and has a list for everything.

A perfect weekend for Jo includes family time, sunshine, being outside, relaxation and good food.

Carly Macleay - Clinical Leader

Meet Carly >
Mum, OT, Case Manager and icare approved Care Needs Assessor!

She gives her best every single day to both the team and her clients. She is easy to talk to, considerate, understanding.

Carly has a way of getting things done without a fuss while making a huge difference in people’s lives. You might find her at a pilates class, playing at the park with her son or having a sushi date with her little family.

She is our ray of sunshine that sprinkles a little magic everywhere she goes.

Vicki Bowden - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Vicki >
Our little Scottish Aussie!

Vicki has a keen eye for detail. She is kind, understanding and has a real sense of calm about her. She’s a gentle soul who’s always smiling and will go the extra mile for her clients and customers.

Vicki has just had her second baby girl, returning to work on 7th Feb 2022!

Kat Lethbridge - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Kat >
Also known as Katrina, but we like to call her Kat. She joined our team in August 2020 after an extensive OT career.

She’s a quiet achiever and works hard to deliver outcomes in the trickiest of circumstances. Kat has a great sense of humour and is a kind soul. We love her passion for animal rights and the dedication she shows to making the world a better place for all living things.

Kat loves going to the beach, tasting local vegan treats, and exploring the outdoors with her 2 children and fiancé. She has a hidden talent for cake decorating!

Kate Nicholls - OT/Rehab Case Manager (SA)

Meet Kate >
Kate joined us from Adelaide in May 2018, and we have helped her to become a Sydney-sider!

She is one of the kindest people you’ll meet, going above and beyond for her clients, customers, and teammates. She’s loyal, bubbly, fun and knows how to work hard.

You might find her ordering her favourite coffee at her local cafe; regular oat milk latte, extra hot, but not too hot that it ruins the milk. Or you will find her on a coastal walk with her furry friend Hugo or having a glass of champagne while relaxing with her husband and friends.

Rachel Collis - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Rachel >
Rach joined us in April 2021 with years of experience working in inpatient brain injury rehabilitation and we are so glad that she did.

You can always trust Rach to get the job done using her clear and direct approach when it is needed.

Rach loves time with her family, good coffee and pilates! You'll find Rach spending time with her husband and two gorgeous kids. She has a much-loved fiddle leaf plant, which is pretty much a third child.

Michelle Gaffney - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Michelle >

Fiona Mason - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Fiona >
Fiona joined us in early 2022 and has been such an asset to the team providing OT services all over Sydney.

Fiona is a hard worker and loves working collaboratively with her client to achieve their goals.

In her spare time you might find her playing board games with her husband and kids or maybe even rock climbing!

Kate Wadds - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Kate >

Makayla FINCH - OT/Rehab Case Manager

Meet Makayla >

Lauren Ward - Occupational Therapist

Meet Lauren >

Debbie McFarlane - Practice Manager

Meet Debbie >
Deb has been working alongside Liz now for about 8 years

She works hard, is a loyal friend and is fiercely protective of those she loves, including her Wise OT family. She is our sounding board when we are having a rough day, a voice of reason and is our go-to woman whenever we need her.

Her attention to detail cannot be matched and she will go above to get the job done for our team.

She is our collective right hand, our Donna (for you Suits fans!) we couldn’t imagine work life without her. You’ll catch Deb answering our office phone or responding to new referrals.

Samantha Craig - Office Manager


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