Who’s got the Map? how to navigate when you’re a little lost.

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Here’s a little re-cap of what case management means to us:

1. Who’s got the map? During the session, participants attempted to draw a boat without any specific directions (and without knowing they were drawing a boat!) to demonstrate just how difficult it is to complete any task successfully without precise communication, verbal and visual cues. Some of the results were quite hilarious and we all realised right then and there just how important specific directions are, particularly when working with client who’s cognition may be impaired.

2. You can’t save the Titanic: Even the best, most experienced sailors with years of experience could not save this sinking ship in its last chaotic hours! Just like a group of expert health professionals working in brain injury, frantically all providing individual services for a client but not working together, is not going to help to achieve the clients common goals.

3. Everyone needs a captain: (or a case manager!) to build rapport with the client and set early expectations of the legislation and reasonably necessary criteria. We provide one comprehensive report to cover off all outstanding issues and provide progress updates and revised goals every 3 months. We arrange case conferences to ensure all treating providers are working together and towards the same goals.

4. The 3 C’s: Collaboration, Communication and Client centred approach: Not communication on it’s own.. and it’s not collaboration without the client at the centre.. As Helen Keller Said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. Lets start working more as a team to get the results we know can be achieved.

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