How’s your Corona brain?!

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The rise in Covid-19 cases in Greater Sydney and stay-at-home orders have us all feeling a little unsettled, but I want to assure you that as an essential service, we will continue to support all of our participants, injured workers and clients.

We know our community Occupational Therapy and Case Management services will assist in preventing any decline in our client’s physical and mental wellbeing, so we are offering telehealth and face to face services to ensure all clients have access to the services they need. 

We are well set up to work from home and have been operating as a remote team since 2011 and will continue to do so.

We learnt from the last lockdown that this is a time when our vulnerable clients need us the most. We have adapted our practices to ensure everyone’s safety: covid-screening before every visit, masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing!

Here’s our action plan:

Isolation Checkup

  • Is your client set up to access Telehealth services at home?  
  • Do they need any further equipment/internet access to allow therapy to continue?  
  • Are their carers and family familiar with the use of Telehealth if they need assistance?
  • Have their MyPlan/Rehab goals been revised to adjust to our new way of living?  
  • Are they at risk of developing symptoms of anxiety or depression with further isolation?  
  • Would they benefit from regular phone calls or video conferencing to ensure they maintain some social contact and that their mental health is ok?

Our OT’s can develop an individual client strategy to ensure your people are well supported during this difficult time, including linking them with other suitable Telehealth providers and outreach community services.

Rapid Response Discharge Service

  • We are aware that inpatient health services in NSW are significantly strained at present and patients are being asked to go home sooner than a ‘normal’ length of stay would be for their injury.
  • This will impact anyone having inpatient rehabilitation following a significant injury.
  • We are able to provide a rapid response service case management/OT service to ensure all care, equipment, modifications and medication are in place for when that person goes home.  
  • Our team are still completing face to face visits with appropriate precautions as we know that Telehealth is not appropriate for everyone.

If you need support or guidance on how best to help your clients – please give us a call, we’re happy to help over the phone. You can call us on 1800 9473 68 or send through details here on our website:

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