We are here to help during Covid lockdown

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As a team of essential workers, we continue to soldier on through the Sydney Covid-19 lockdown. Now in week 10, we are unfortunately seeing people who have ‘put off’ their therapy and case management services, sadly deteriorate. Our message is “don’t delay” these essential services. If you’re a co-ordinator, case manager, injury management advisor, please encourage your injured workers and participants to be seen where appropriate. Or call the OT or case manager and ask for help. We’re here for you. 

To continue working safely, we’re implementing even more protection for our team and clients:

-Face Shields
-Disposable gowns; 
-and Gloves. 

We are on our way to being doubly vaccinated and continue to follow the advice of NSW Health when providing essential community services. From Monday 30th August, we will be carrying essential worker permits, along with our QR codes and hand sanitiser!

With our suit of armour, if you like, we continue to ensure our patient’s condition does not deteriorate. We continue to be available for urgent care needs assessments, OT assessments and intervention for our vulnerable clients.

Again, I thank our team for being so brave during this time, when it would be much easier to stay home in our comfy clothes. We’re seeing more mental health issues and more social issues than ever and we’re on the ground everyday to help out.  

Our most requested services at the moment include:

Isolation check-up’s 

  • Do they have everything they need to continue therapy from home?
  • Are they accessing food and supplies?
  • Do they need reminders about the public health orders?
  • Need help accessing a vaccine?


Rapid Response Discharge Service

  • Our hospital system is under immense pressure and we are seeing people sent home to free up beds to treat patients with covid. 
  • If you have a patient going home sooner than expected, lets us know and we can ensure they are set up safely and have access to all the services they need. 


Occupational Therapy

  • Upper Limb Therapy, where cessation of therapy would lead to deterioration.
  • Cognitive retraining during a critical phase of recovery.
  • Urgent Activities of Daily Living Assessments and Care Needs Assessments to provide people with essential support, equipment and services at home.


If you need support or guidance on how best to help your clients during lockdown – please give us a call, we’re happy to help over the phone. You can call us on 1800 9473 68 or send through details here on our website.

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